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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should take this course?

    Our online First Aid and CPR courses are designed to accommodate people who want to learn Basic Life Support, but whose schedules won't allow lengthy classes or expensive training sessions. People in health related fields, coaches, caregivers for the elderly or children and people associated with athletics will especially benefit from the cognitive skills acquired in our courses. However, anyone who wants to be prepared for an emergency situation is welcome to take our online courses.

  2. Are CPR and BFA difficult to learn?

    CPR and BFA (basic first aid) are not very difficult to learn. If you are able to read English and understand simple statements and facts, you should have no trouble at all with our online courses. Adults of all ages and even children should be able to comprehend and utilize these skills.

  3. Can I be sued if I perform CPR incorrectly?

    Private citizens are protected in most states by the Good Samaritan Law. This law states that the victim may not sue you unless you are a professional physician and have demonstrated gross negligence while performing rescue efforts. As laws can differ from state to state, it would be wise for you to discover what kind of protection your state offers you.

  4. I want to learn first aid and CPR online, but wouldn't it be better to take a classroom course from American Red Cross?

    Our online training courses uphold the same established standards and accepted guidelines as the courses given at American Heart Association and American Red Cross. However, since the internet is an interactive medium, available to everyone any time of the day or night, our online courses have the unique advantage of a flexible schedule not found in classroom courses. Plus, since we don't have the extensive overhead and staff of other organizations, we can keep the cost of certification low and only a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere.

  5. Can I take your online course instead of taking a classroom course?

    Yes. Our online courses are designed for people who want to learn CPR and BFA, but do not want to spend a lot of time or money, while learning the same fundamentals and cognitive skills as the more expensive and lengthy classroom courses offered by American Red Cross and American Heart Association (as well as numerous independent schools).

  6. What is the cost of your course?

    Nothing. Our online First Aid and CPR courses are freely available to anyone who wants to learn (or recall) BLS procedures. If you want a printable, 2 year certification card, then you'll need to pay just $24.99 per card. We also offer laminated cards and wall certificates. We use PayPal for our secure, online payment processing and you don't need a PayPal account to use it. You simply need a credit or debit card.

  7. What happens once I've taken your online course?

    First, you'll have the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that if an emergency occurs, you will have the basic skills necessary to act quickly, effectively and appropriately. Second, you pay just $19.99 for your printable, 2 year certification card issued exclusively by www.firstaidcpronline.com. The laminated card and wall certificate are optional.

  8. When does the certification expire?

    2 years.

  9. Can I ignore the courses and simply pay for my certification cards?

    Our desire at www.firstaidcpronline.com is to facilitate a valuable service for people who visit our web site. Even though we cannot prevent you from advancing to certification without studying the online lessons or taking the quiz, you would be doing a disservice to yourself and others. Even if you already know first aid and CPR, examining our material can be an excellent refresher course and may only take 30-60 minutes to complete.

  10. I'm a licensed daycare provider and I need to keep my first aid and CPR certification current. Will your online certification be accepted by my state's licensing board?

    Certification requirements can vary not only from state to state, but sometimes within an individual state (e.g. from county to county). Most certification boards and governing bodies have arbitrary BFA/CPR standards, many being established before online courses became a legitimate alternative to classroom courses. We suggest that you check with your employer to make sure our courses and certifications are accepted. Numerous employers from colleges to hospitals to school districts do accept our certifications. Typically, any institution that accepts online certifications accepts ours.

  11. Do you give refunds?

    No. We do not offer any refunds because we email you tangible goods that can be easily copied. For example, if we email you your certification cards, then you say you want a refund for some reason, you already have the goods. We have no guarantee that you will destroy the goods. Furthermore, we have already done the work to create the cards, so there are no refunds.

  12. How long will it take to receive my certification card(s)?

    We will email you the printable certification card(s) within 24 hours of your payment. After 24 hours if you haven't received anything please check your spam or bulk email folder because our emails sometimes get stuck in there. If you still haven't received anything, please contact us.

  13. Can I pay with a personal check or money order?

    Yes and no. We only offer online payments through PayPal. They do not accept money orders, but they do accept personal check payments. They are called e-check payments and they take 3-5 business days to process, so we recommend using a debit or credit card if possible.

  14. What is AED and why do I need to learn it?

    AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator and it is a device that helps shock someone's heart into a regular beating pattern. In our CPR course we have a small section on how to use these devices. Plus, a couple of questions in our CPR quiz are on AEDs. Even if you do not need the AED section, we recommend taking it anyway. It isn't very long and it can help you save a life!

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Dedicated to Health

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