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 Professor at Azusa
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Online First Aid and CPR Certification

CPR and AED Test Results


1. C. Shaking him and saying, "Are you okay?"
2. C. Call 911 before you begin CPR.
3. D. All of the above.
4. B. The tongue.
5. A. Lift up the chin and tilt the head back.
6. C. Carotid artery.
7. A. Pinch the victim's nose closed, so air does not escape.
8. D. All of the above.
9. D. All of the above.
10. C. 1-3 times.

If you missed any of the questions above, then please hit back on your browser and take the test, again.  After you've succeeded, you may continue.

Congratulations!  You have passed the CPR and AED test.  Here's what we have to offer you:

Printable 2 year certification cards are sent via email, so you can quickly print them on your computer. Laminated cards are sent to you in the regular mail. Wall certificates are frame-worthy certificates you can hang on your wall.

Adult, Child and Infant CPR and AED Certification
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First Aid Certification
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